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a little bit about myself

My name is Fabio Salvi and I’m a Blues/Jazz guitarist,

singer, songwriter, and freelance session musician

I started to play guitar at the age of 16 and that's when I discovered an Eric Clapton album, "Slowhand",

which was my stepping stone into blues music. Later I started to listen to American blues artists from the early 20th Century such as Robert Johnson, BB King, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Freddy King. They had a profound impact on the songs I wrote and performed in my home town as a solo artist or part of a trio, to a growing appreciative audience. I moved to Bath, United Kingdom, in 2013 where for four years I gigged and also played with various musicians at jam nights which I often organised.

I've been living and performing in London since 2017. "Goldfish", officially released in December 2019, is my debut album. It has received critical acclaim from several blues and jazz networks, including digitalblues.co.uk (which ranked it second jazz album of the year in Scotland) and BBC Radio. In 2021, after these gloomy times, we're finally back on track with the band!